A 1970 gen X from the Jersey Shore. In 2001 Fischer moved to Wilmington, De and found his purpose in life with an easel and canvas. Never formally trained he pursued his passion of creating in many mediums. Most of his works are in acrylic, watercolor and gouache. For him it’s about the journey and not the destination. Not knowing where a painting is going or how it will end is euphoric for him. Abandoning expectation is bliss. His paintings are dark in nature and tell stories of pain and debauchery. This keeps him sane. His body of works are all over the fucking place in style but are surreal. He has shown his work in coffee shops, gallery’s and night clubs in Manhattan, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and California. Whether positive or negative there is nothing more stimulating for him than the reactions he receives when his work is viewed. Fischer now resides in Southern California.




 “SALVATION @ 45rpm”  acrylic on canvas


“Music is My Opiate” acrylic on canvas

“BI-Polar Disenchantment” watercolor/gouache on Arches


 “Deer in Headlights” watercolor/gouache on Arches


 “Goodbye Yellowbrick Road” acrylic on canvas


“Cupid de Locke” watercolor on Arches and a mixed media rendition 


“The Sound of Music” watercolor on Arches


 “Afghanistan” acrylic on canvas


“Commissioned Donation/ Silent Auction  for AIDS Delaware Event” 48×48 acrylic on Canvas


“The Hands that Feed in a Matrix Land of Refried Beans” watercolor/gouache on Arches


“Dark Soul” watercolor/gouache on Arches