Who Are We?

Gregory Fischer

“UpYourMind” was conceived in late 2001 on the 2nd floor of an old vacant printing press shop in Wilmington, Delaware. I resided in this vast, open space that boasted a 20 ft. joisted ceiling, three walls of exposed brick, and a large window tarped for privacy. The 4th wall was an expanse of finished drywall that would later become my canvas. Across from the couch sat an old boardroom table that served as the entertainment system. Random picks and finds of misfit furnishings accompanied. My centerpiece was an old refrigerator that had more chrome on it than a Cadillac! I painted it “Sublime Green” with a “Pink Bubblegum” melted top. In one of the corners sat a punished easel bleeding colors. Opposite lay my mattress in front of that virgin white wall. I needed to claim that wall, turn it out; simply, yet profoundly! A 20x18ft. black square spiral, a juxtaposed red ball, the word “UpYourMind,” and my signature Gregory Fischer.

“UpYourMind” was then transformed into “upyourmindart”. I exploited the word in other works of art, show billings, a website and as my email. When asked, “What was your email again” ? I would reply with a hyphenated “Up” “Your”…usually by then receiving a slight chuckle of disbelief or contempt before I reached “Mind” “Art.”

Fifteen years later, I would find myself on a Greyhound bus at 5:15a.m., leaving out of Philly for San Diego. “Kicking a Cold” and suffering from “Bad Decisions” the whole trip. I finally arrived the Saturday morning of Comicon. Little did I know of the greater journey that lay before me when I met David King.

David King

“Bitch’n story, Greg!” My life growing up in So. Cal. was one of endless sand and surf. At 19, I moved from La Jolla to LA and I found my calling after seeing The Paul Butterfield Blues Band at the Palomino Club . So, I surrendered my “Castor Go Faster” surfboard to a “Fender Telecaster.” The LA music scene was starting to peak and I co-founded the band “Mary’s Danish.” We rocketed around the world on tours with bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. We had appearances on Leno, Letterman, and gratefully cut a single with Neil Diamond. The shrewd business of the record company cut our run short. I then went on to co-found two other bands, Rob Rule and Thermadore Band . Thousands of miles and 7 albums later, it was time for family.
I then found myself producing music for Hollywood and TV. Living the life, I could not foresee that a bunch of bad decisions and attachments to destructive things would eventually bring me back full circle to San Diego a broken man.

“The Cosmic Order”

Serendipity, lies, and tobacco brought two broken souls together one blistering California day. Amongst the other living dead the two found life in each other’s stories and creative talents. Living in the moment was their only way to sanity, feeding on banter. The two creative minds were struck by the peace they felt from just connecting with the human spirit. That was the feeling they had sought previously, to no avail, from attachments to things in this world. It’s been written about in books, movies, and songs, but to experience it, was surreal for them. Be mindful, curious and compassionate to all………”upyourmindcali ” they thought!

“Our Mission”

So the two have embarked on a creative journey to bring everyone on Earth together into the moment of their surroundings. “upyourmindCali” is a clothing brand with the state of mind to bring us together. Acknowledge your Brother and Sister on the street when they wear “upyourmindCali” with a simple tap of the finger to the brain. Attachments of life separate us from each other but one commonality is the “Human Spirit.” Just remember, the only people in your life right now, is who ever is next to you, while you read this. Check out our newsfeed to see where in the moment we are at by clicking on “Lurk Now!”




Contact info

Email: upyourmindcali@gmail.com